Event FAQ

1) What is Liquid Red?
Liquid Red offers a FREE fetish and fantasy monthly party that takes place once a month in Las Vegas. We also throw private Fetish Play Parties at private estates in Las Vegas and Liquid Red Bondage Ball in Detroit, Michigan.

2) Are cameras allowed?
Only people authorized to take pictures are our official photographers and approved media. They have been educated on how to take pictures while respecting the privacy of our guests who want to remain anonymous. 

3) How should I dress for your events?

There is no enforced dress code but we encourage guest to dress in fetish and costume attire for the events. Be creative and don’t be afraid to dress your wildest. For events in Las Vegas, be sure to cover up your bottoms and boobs. No thongs, no pasties, and you must cover your underboob. The least you can wear is a bikini top and booty shorts. The bouncers will enforce this dress code at the door. For events that take place at the private estate- anything goes! 

4) Will I be touched or made to feel uncomfortable?

No, unless you want to be. This means that nobody will touch or force you to do anything without your consent. Likewise, you aren’t allowed to touch others without their consent. Any violation of this rule is grounds for your immediate ejection from the event by the staff.

5) Is cross dressing ok?

Yes cross dressers and TG are allowed and  encouraged. You can feel comfortable to dress whatever way you like. This is a very open minded crowd so dress to impress! 

6) Is this a dungeon?

This is not a dungeon, it is fetish themed party where you can enjoy yourself and mingle with other likeminded individuals and have a good time. Feel free to bring your whips and fetish gear. Dungeon equipment supplied to play on only at the private play parties.

7) Is Fire play allowed?

There is no fire play or any type of fire dancing allowed.

8) Can I have sex or take illegal drugs at your events?
Sex and drugs are NOT allowed at bar & grill locations. Any guests, staff, volunteers, or performers caught soliciting any of these illegal activities will be ejected from the premises immediately. Private play parties allow more open play but drugs are absolutely not allowed. 

9) How much is it to get in?

Entry to the events at bar & grill locations in Las Vegas totally FREE so there is no excuse not to be there every month! Private Play Parties charge admission for entry. Discount pre-sale tickets are available and door pay is also available.

A Social Fetish & BDSM Las Vegas Fetish Party With Eroticism and Kink